Mistress Miranda


Mistress Miranda Dominatrix dressed in white rubber in The BDSM Laboratory with a foot in cuffs
Mistress Miranda applying oxygen mask to a submissive at The BDSM Laboratory

I shall begin, as is usual, at the beginning. Although I’ve always been kinky, my fetish journey really began when I was 15. It was then that I secured my first boyfriend to the bed with the use of both our school ties. Yet it was not until I was 19 and studying for my degree in Media Production and Management that I became a professional service provider. I then continued funding my further education in the same way to gain my second degree; a Masters in Media Studies.

Those early professional encounters were (shock horror) in pre-internet days, and therefore pre-social media. It was a time when my world worked by using magazines, phone numbers, and discrete advertising in non-BDSM publications. With all my bondage materials in a suitcase I learned to think on my feet. Before long I was a ‘gear freak’, and my increasing range of equipment meant I needed somewhere to set it all up. At the age of 21 I was proud to have own equipped dungeon, and over the past 25 years I have never looked back.

My passion for BDSM is matched only by my passion for sport. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, a Strength and Sports Condition Coach, and have a long list of other sports qualifications. That includes reaching the rank of 1st Dan in karate, an achievement that took years of battling with a series of sports injuries. I like to joke that karate is the one place where anyone tells me what to do.  But the sport is tough on the joints, and I no longer participate. The fortunate thing is that I find my current love of weight training to be almost as great a ‘stress reliever’ as my love of BDSM.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist (and have the certificate to prove it) and a few years ago I also qualified as a colinic hydrotherapist. I believe in the benefits of natural health and – since I spend much of my time exploring and tormenting numerous bodies – it seemed sensible to learn more about their inner workings as well.

‘Yes’, I’ve been a pro-domme now with a dungeon for 26 years, and ‘Yes’ that means that being a dominatrix is my full-time job. I can honestly say I had not anticipated taking this career path. I always felt that I would one day ‘grow up’ and get a ‘proper’ job…. until the realisation sank home that this IS a proper job… complete with proper business practices, and paying proper tax! (Way too much tax I’m sorry to say… but that’s another story)

I’m smiling ..... that alone should scare you! See a glint in my eye? ..... be afraid

Mistress Miranda will help you to

find your limits

My Clients Trust in me


The rich tapestry of life gives us the ability to feel pleasure, pain, and so much more: why limit yourself to the mundane?

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